Out this week in Nature is the first big paper from the inflammatory bowel disease Immunochip project. The international project collected data from over 75 thousand individuals, and brought the total number of known IBD loci to a record-breaking 163. You can read more about the paper on the Sanger Institute website.

One interesting thing about the paper was how difficult it was to visualize the results. With one exception there were no single image that naturally fell out of any of the analyses, and we had to put quite a bit of work into displaying the messages of the paper in the figures. You can judge for yourself how much success we had, but I can say that up until the last few days before submission we still had images that everyone hated but couldn’t think what to replace them with. The last one to be replaced was the evocatively named “Smear-o-venn”, that we were all relieved to see the back of.

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