Evoker screenshot
Evoker is a graphical tool for plotting genotype intensity data in order to assess quality of genotype calls. Evoker also allows users to manual recall genotypes. It implements a compact, binary format which allows rapid access to data, even with hundreds of thousands of observations. Evoker is currently maintained by Dan Rice.

Mangrove screenshot
Mangrove is an R package for performing genetic risk prediction from genotype data. You can use it to perform risk prediction for individuals, or for families with missing data. Mangrove is maintained by Luke Jostins.

Olorin screenshot
Olorin is an interactive filtering tool for next generation sequencing data coming from the study of large complex disease pedigrees. Olorin is not actively maintained.

Yfitter screenshot
Yfitter is a program for assigning Y chromosome haplogroups to individuals sequenced at low coverage. It is designed to be used in a samtools/bcftools pipeline. Yfitter also supports haplogrouping using chip genotype data. Yfitter is maintained by Luke Jostins.