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We’re currently looking to recruit new postdoctoral fellows for a variety of projects:

  • Microbiome analysis: We have begun to generate shotgun metagenomes in thousands of IBD patients to study disease inception, progression and response to treatment. We are looking for an experience microbiome analyst interested in leading these projects and building on our substantial clinical and data generation resources.
  • High throughput cellular screens: In order to better understand GWAS and rare variant associations we are setting up a number of cellular models for key bits of IBD and developmental biology, including iPSC derived neurons and macrophages, immortal cell lines and primary cells. We’re looking for wet or wet/dry postdocs interested in developing high throughput CRISPR screens (both pooled and well-based) in these models to better understand the function of associated genetic variants.
  • Statistical genetics methodology: As we generate ever-larger whole genome sequence datasets we’re looking to build tools to enable new analyses. For example, we have an ongoing project using deep convolutional networks to predict local indel mutation rates to better calibrate discovery of causal mutations in severe developmental disorders.
  • Statistical genetics data analysis: Similarly, we’re looking for postdocs interested in analysis of datasets of tens of thousands of sequenced genomes to ask and answer biological questions about disease.

Official postings will appear soon on the Sanger jobs website, but please get in touch directly if you’re interested in the meantime!

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