14. August 2015 · Comments Off on Two new reviews · Categories: Papers

Summertime was review writing time in the group, with two new papers published recently.

The first was, Strategies for fine-mapping complex traits. One of the activities that has kept us busy lately has been trying to narrow down GWAS hits to causal variants and genes. Our biggest applied effort in fine-mapping has been, unsurprisingly, in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), where our longstanding collaboration with the International IBD Genetics Consortium, access to big sample sets, and a generally tractable genetic architecture have made it a fruitful exercise. This review was largely motivated by the idea that our experience might be useful to others working on other diseases.

The second was, Understanding inflammatory bowel disease via immunogenetics. Sticking with the IBD theme, this is the latest in a number of IBD genetics reviews (things change quickly in this business!), this time as part of a series in the Journal of Autoimmunity, aimed at putting the immunogenetics of many different disorders in context in a single issue.

Congrats to Katie and Sarah on these two papers!

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