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Students on the course Last week I was in Malawi to teach on a Wellcome Trust Advanced Course on Genomic Epidemiology in Africa, along with InĂªs Barroso and Manj Sandhu from the Sanger, and Chris Spencer, Gavin Band and Kirk Rockett from Oxford. This is the second time we’ve run this course (the previous instance was in Kilifi, Kenya in 2010), which involves lectures on epidemiology, genomics, GWAS and study design in Africa as well as computer practicals using PLINK and R.

These courses are similar in many ways to GWAS and next-gen sequencing analysis courses run here in Hinxton, but with a particular focus on studies of African populations, and aimed at the different level of available training and resources in African research institutions. It has sprung in part from our group’s increasing interest in studies in African populations, including a meta-analysis of malaria susceptibility and a GWAS of clinical severity of sickle cell disease. We hope the course and our collaborations, along with funding opportunities like the H3Africa Project, will help to develop genomic research beyond Europe and North America.

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